RAYS is an internationally first-class media integration big data cloud platform developed by DCG.

So far, RAYS system has provided technological services, including online value-added book service and readers' big data service, for more than 200 large-scale publishing institutions in China. Meanwhile, RAYS has formed strategic cooperation with the third-party content generation institutions, thus creating hundred-million-scale user visits and extra profits for the publishing industry and exerting a huge influence on development of the publishing industry. Thanks to help of RAYS, around 90,000 categories and 1.2 billion brochures of books have successfully realized integration with the mobile Internet.

RAYS adopts the registration-free crawling technology, non-repeated-code technology, vacant code technology and precision reverse recommendation technology. All these technologies are the first of its kind in China and are used to print QR code on the traditional print book. The online derivative content resources and services are provided through the QR code. Readers are led to scan the QR code to pay for content for in-depth reading or other value-added services. Meanwhile, the RAYS system can quickly crawl readers' data after readers scan the QR code. These data can be used to analyze readers' preferences and help the publishing institutions constantly provide accurate knowledge and services. This is a new consumption model.