Liu Yongjian


He is a professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Computer Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Technology. Having been engaging in the publishing industry for 31 years, Liu has established his fame as a leading figure in China's publishing industry and an authoritative expert particularly in the digital publishing industry.


Bai Lihua


He graduated from Wuhan University and has been in the publishing industry for 14 years, once working as the director of a famous publishing house. He is familiar with publishing integration, digital communication technology and publishing enterprises' operation management.


Shi Qiming

Executive vice-president

He graduated with a master's degree in Computer Science and Technology from the University of Melbourne and from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, respectively. As a senior R&D engineer and senior Internet operator, he was once one of the youngest vice-presidents of Sina, a famous Internet company in China.

Chen Minqi

Su Jiehua

Lu Huan